Reliable partner for your test needs - proven quality based on a steady team of experienced experts. 

Once you test with us - you test well - 30 years already.


ČEVOR team of experts can combine a long-standing test aplications development experience with following the latest test area innovations so, that we can design and manufacture precisely the optimal solution for constantly increasing requests of the most demanding customers.  

Complex solution for your test needs

ICT test

Designing and manufacturing of in-line and off-line test fixtures for the most common test systems Keysight, Aeroflex, Teradyne and others.

  • design, manufacturing and assembling for the well known test systems Keysight, Teradyne, Aeroflex and others
  • manufacturing of vacuum, pneumatic and manual test fixtures based on our own development

Key factors:

  • manual or fully automated parts designed for integration
  • cobot ready automated solutions, integrated optical inspection for luminosity, mechanical shapes etc. 
  • integration of different types of measuring equipment and SW for test results

FCT/EOL test

Design and manufacturing of FCT test fixtures according to customer specifications, cobot ready aplications, BSC and Flash aplications. 

  • development , design and manufacturing of complex testers or fixtures for FCT/EOL aplications according to customers´ requirements 
  • solutions for in-line, pneumatics or manual press-down and contacting
  • we use the newest available technologies for FCT / boundary scan / flash aplications, using our own control system for PC and PLC

LED test

LED testing, JIGs and fixtures for contacting

  • LED check and test - mainly in automotive industry
  • big pressure on measuring speed and accuracy 
  • LED modules - mainly shape, dimensions inspection + luminosity  
  • we use the latest measuring devices which are available on the market 
  • unique solutions for special LED modules, strips and clusters shapes

Cable harness test

Test modules, JIGs, custom solutions.

  • design and manufacturing of our own solutions for connectors contacting 
  • cable harness test of electrical parameters, mechanical inspection - flatness, pins arretation and dimensions of cable harnesses
  • usage of modular solution at every suitable place for easy maintenance and possible future changes

In-line solutions

Complex design and manufacturing for your in-line requests. 

  • development and production of our own in-line machines for a perfect automation in testing
  • usage of the best available parts and equipment for ideal mechanical solution which ensures high cycle numbers 
  • unique system for PC and PLC control 
  • final solution according to the most demanding requirements of technologic leaders 

Robotic solutions

Robot implementation into production/test process.

  • design and manufacturing of the complete robotic station 
  • usage of the most convinient solution to fulfil the customers´expectations
  • cooperation with market leaders in robotics
  • usage of the growing experience in robot/cobot implementation of the wide range of our customers 

About us

Our company was established in 1991 and thus we realize long lasting experiences. We follow the latest trends in the field of testing, that we can react on constantly changing customers´ requirements. Thanks to close cooperation with manufacturing plants of the biggest world players, we are able to fulfill the most demanding and modern work procedure expectations.

Company ČEVOR Innovation a.s. is a part of an international group under German I-R-P Computer & Prüftechnik Vertriebs GmbH, which can offer complex solutions in an industrial electronics field. In cooperation with partner companies ČeMeBo and CRT ELECTRONIC we can provide customized services - bare boards manufacturing, EMS and final test solutions. 





  • ČEVOR Innovation a.s.
  • Poříčí 2396/42
  • 678 01 Blansko (CZ)
  • IČO: 14089963
  • DIČ: CZ14089963
  • Spisová značka B 8643 vedená u Krajského soudu v Brně
  • Bohunická cesta 974/16
  • 664 48 Moravany u Brna (CZ)

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