About us

Our company was established in 1991 and thus we realize long lasting experiences. We follow the latest trends in the field of testing, that we can react on constantly changing customers´ requirements. Thanks to close cooperation with manufacturing plants of the biggest world players, we are able to fulfill the most demanding and modern work procedure expectations.

The company ČEVOR Innovation a.s. is a part of an international group of companies under the German company I-R-P Computer & Prüftechnik Vertriebs GmbH. The company ČEVOR Innovation a.s. is a managed by ČEVOR spol. s r. o. ID number: 415 39 842 with registered office in Troubsko, Zahradní 1a, zip code 66441. 

In our company we can combine knowledge and experiences in electronics, pneumatics and mechanics fields and bring the individual solution customized according to customers´ needs.  Main supplies are manufactured for automotive, medical, IOT and consumer electronics industries. We provide all services, starting with an idea of a customer, ending by an installation.